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  Player Positions  
Module 03:
Boys' Lacrosse Rules

A regulation men's team is comprised of 10 players. These players are divided up into four positions:

The recommended common characteristics for players in each position of a regulation team are described here.


Number of Players: 3 Attackmen
Objective: Score goals
Area of Field: Restricted to offensive end
Used as: Primary ball handlers, passers, scorers and feeders
Required skills: Excellent stick skills with both hands and have quick feet to maneuver around the goal


Number of Players: 3 Midfielders
Objective: Transitional force
Area of Field: Entire field - offensive and defensive ends
Used as: ball handlers, passers, scorers, feeders, transition the ball down the field for a scoring opportunity, and defend against opposing team's transition to goal
Required skills:

Great speed and stamina.

Strong stick skills

  • Throwing
  • Catching
  • Scooping

Most teams rotate multiple groups through out a game.


Number of Players: 3 Defensemen
Objective: Defend the goal
Area of Field: Restricted to defensive end
Used as: Break up other team's plays

Prevent shots on goal

Clear the ball to offensive units.

Receive outlet passes from goalie.
Required skills: Agility

Strong stick skills

Aggressive (while under control)

Quick to respond when matching up against offensive player.


Number of Players: 1 Goalie
Objective: Stop the ball from entering the goal
Area of Field: Restricted to defensive end and positioned in the "crease"
Used as: "Read" defensive situations

Direct defenders and midfielders to prevent scoring attempts from opposing team.
Required skills: Excellent hand/eye coordination


Above-average stick skills

Courage and confidence

Information provided by US Lacrosse