Helping kids in Hebron, Andover and Marlborough, CT develop fundamental lacrosse skills and a love for lacrosse, the fastest sport in town!

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Are You Ready to Play?


  1. Learn to catch, throw and shoot right and left handed.

  2. When playing the more time your stick is perpendicular to the ground instead of parallel, the better player you will be.

  3. Move the ball- the less time the ball is in your stick the better player you are.

  4. Get the ball off the ground, control it and pass it immediately.  This leads to goals.

  5. Move without the ball.  Do not wait for the pass from a teammate, do not watch your pass, move to get open. NEVER stand still!

  6. Bounce the ball when shooting.  This is a much harder shot for the goalie to save.

  7. Shoot with a quick release without telegraphing where you are shooting.

  8. Play defense like a boxer- on your toes, moving, countering, resetting, re-countering.  

  9. Poke check the bottom hand of your opponent.  The goal is not always taking the ball away.  Play solid position defense.

  10. Have fun playing the fastest sport on two feet!