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Information for Girl's Referee Training
Anyone interested in officiating RHAM Girl's Lacrosse Youth games...
Black Wolves Tickets for RHAM Youth Lacrosse
A message from DICK's Sporting Goods: Happy to announce that...
Little Laxers - Kindergarten Lacrosse
3d Lacrosse Partnership with RHAM Youth Lacrosse
During the summer and fall of 2014, the RHAM Youth Lacrosse board...
Information for Girl's Referee Training

Anyone interested in officiating RHAM Girl's Lacrosse Youth games must attend and successfully complete Classroom Clinic and a Field Certification Clinic/Rating. 

  • All Officials are required to attend a six (6) hours of classroom training, no exceptions. 
  • Any candidate that cannot attend a two day (3 hour) clinic, due to their schedule, may take either the first or last classroom date that they missed in another town, with prior approval.
  •  Once classroom training is completed, all official candidates will complete the USL rules test online, through US Lacrosse.  This is to be done independently and is intended to ensure properly prepared officials
  • Once classroom training and the USL rules online test is complete all official candidates will complete an official field certification.  All candidates must come to the field certification with an official's uniform and required accessories (e.g., whistle, cards, etc.).  Classroom instructors will explain the options for uniforms and accessories.  Please ask them questions if you are not sure.
RHAM Youth Lacrosse has coordinated with Glastonbury and recommends signing up for their Tuesday, March 10h & 17th, 2015 classroom Junior Official's Training Clinic.
RHAM Youth Lacrosse has coordinated with the CWOLA and will host a field certification at Burnt Hill at 9am on Saturday, April 11th.  This is much later then usual due to the problems we encountered with last year's delayed field opening.
If you cannot attend either the Glastonbury classroom or the RHAM field certifications you may sign up for others that show they are open to RHAM or are accepting officials from any town.  You are responsible for coordinating your own attendance at classroom and field certifications as well as getting access to the online test.
You must register for all your training at http://cwloa.org.usl.la   (Note:  We are currently waiting for our field certification to be added to the cwloa site, however we have had so many inquiries as to what is happening that we are sending this message so you can plan accordingly)
 so that we know that you want to be schedule to officiate.  (this is just for your information, we can not guarantee anyone games, but you will be in our pool of candidates. All assignments will be based on experience, knowledge, professionalism, reliability and sportsmanship.)
Ethan Jaskulski is our referee coordinator again this season. Contact Info: ethanjaskulski@aol.com

by posted 02/09/2015
Black Wolves Tickets for RHAM Youth Lacrosse

A message from DICK's Sporting Goods:

Happy to announce that as part of a recently established relationship with the New England Black Wolves (out of the indoor National Lacrosse League), the club is offering discount tickets to all the youth lax programs that Dick’s Sporting Goods works with.  The nice benefit here is that by following the instructions on the attached flyer, you (or anyone in your program) can purchase tickets for the Group Tickets sale price, but w/out the hassle of having to create a group.  

Tickets are as low as $9 and all games are played in the arena at Mohegan Sun Casino.  Please pass on to your lax families and give them the opportunity to catch this exciting game at their leisure and on a date convenient for them! 

by posted 02/06/2015
Little Laxers - Kindergarten Lacrosse

by posted 02/04/2015
3d Lacrosse Partnership with RHAM Youth Lacrosse

During the summer and fall of 2014, the RHAM Youth Lacrosse board conducted a comprehensive review of our entire program.  With our goal of developing our players’ lacrosse skills and love of the game, and our desire to provide a more uniform experience for all RYL players and coaches, we have made a decision to partner with 3d Lacrosse, a professional lacrosse coaching, training and consulting organization, and to integrate their systems into our teaching curriculum for our boys’ and girls’ programs.  Please read below for more information about 3d and how this partnership will help us to develop our lacrosse program.

3d Lacrosse is a comprehensive, full service lacrosse coaching and training group that assists programs in further developing their players and program.  Their main goal is to enhance and develop systems, streamline practices and bring a higher knowledge base of cutting edge skills and tactics to our youth program.  All RHAM youth Lacrosse coaches will be trained in their “Field/Box-HybridTM Development System” and “Part Whole” methodology.  To learn more you can go to https://3dlacrosse.com/.

RHAM Youth Lacrosse will adopt the 3d development system across our entire program in 2015.  3d will work with all players enrolled in our program from the Lightning through Senior levels.  Their approach to working with players age 10 and under is:

  • Understanding their physical capabilities
  • Focusing on teaching skill and lacrosse IQ
  • Making lacrosse fun

Our older groups (junior and senior levels) will also focus on the fundamentals and more grade-appropriate instruction including more advanced session on footwork, stick work, cutting/movement and defense.  RHAM Youth Lacrosse will be constructing practice plans that teach multiple variations of these skills with small-sided drills and games and maximized repetitions.  You will hear much more about 3d Lacrosse as the season approaches.

How it Works:

3d will provide one Master Coach that will be present 2 days a week for RHAM throughout the spring season.  Each team will get 4 practices with a 3D lacrosse Master Coach present.  The Master Coach will prepare practice plans and work with our teams and coaches.    RHAM youth lacrosse volunteer coaches will work with the Master Coach to run the drills with small groups of players.  The benefit of this system is that all RHAM Youth Lacrosse players will receive uniform instruction from a skilled, professional lacrosse coach.  Another benefit of this methodology is that our volunteer coaches will receive training throughout the season as well as have access to all of 3d’s training materials. 

Additionally, 3d coaches will train ALL of our volunteer coaches prior to the season through both classroom and on-field training sessions. 

Utilizing the 3d master coaches and systems to improve the program does result in an increased overall program that has to be reflected in an increased registration cost.  In this first year, RHAM Youth Lacrosse is able offset more than 50% of the increased cost, and so our registration cost will increase by $40 to $180 for 2015 season (bantam, junior and senior players; our lightning registration will increase to $100).  We believe that you will find the additional benefits to be well worth it.  As point of reference a 3 day camp run by 3d costs $300 for roughly 9 hours of instruction.  Your player will receive 9 hours with a 3d Master Coach on our field for $40.  Our hope is that people will make every effort to attend these practices.

We are very excited for this opportunity to partner with a well-respected and highly experienced organization and we believe that you will find these program changes to have a positive effect on our young athletes.

by posted 11/19/2014
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